Shree Kumar
Shree Kumar
20th May , 2018

Kite Reaches Finals of Hackaday Prize 2018

We are pleased to announce that Kite has advanced to the finals of ‘Hackaday Prize 2018’. Kite is among the winners of the “Open Hardware Design Challenge”. We believe that it is a strong contender to win the grand prize of USD 50,000.


Kite is the world's first (and only) DIY modular smartphone kit. Using this kit, common electronic components (sensors, raspberry Pi HATs & pHATs, batteries, antennas) & a 3D printer, you can build many different devices that have all the features of a smartphone, yet customized to meet your exact needs.  

Kite is now live on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Back us on KICKSTARTER now !


The Hackaday Prize is the Academy Awards of Open Hardware, a grand competition where thousands of hardware hackers, makers and artists compete to build a better future. The contest aims to inspire the world by showcasing ways in which technology can make a difference and empower the lives of people.


Currently, the Open Hardware Design Challenge is running the greatest hardware competition on the planet and they’re opening gates to thousands of hardware hackers, makers and artists to create the next big thing.


The Hackaday Prize begins with five themed challenges, which run in nonstop series. Each challenge lasts for six weeks, with the first challenge beginning on March 12 and the last ending on October 8. The top 20 projects from each round will win USD 1000 and advance to the finals.


Who will win the Hackaday Prize? The 20 finalists in the Open Hardware Design Challenge are now competing in the final rounds wherein they will have the chance to win USD 50,000.

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